Poster Session

Monday, 27th and Tuesday 28th from 20:00 to 21:30

The scientific program includes two poster sessions. The posters will be shown all the time during the symposium. The posters with odd numbers will be presented on Monday, February 27 and the even numbers on Tuesday, February 28 from 20:00 to 21:30. 

The abstracts can be downloaded by clicking on the poster number. 

No. Title Authors
P01 Attosecond electronic transport on atomic scales at low temperatures M. Gedamke, M. Falk, S. Großenbach, M. Ludwig, R. Tenne, and A. Leitenstorfer
P02 Quantum plasmonics and single-electron detection for ultrafast picotransport S. Großenbach, M. Gedamke, M. Falk, J. Fiedler, M. Ludwig, R. Tenne, and A. Leitenstorfer
P03 Tunable superconducting single electron transistors: From weak to strong-coupling regime O. Irtenkauf, L. Sobral-Rey, P. Raif, D. Ohnmacht, W. Belzig, J. Siewert, and E. Scheer
P04 Calorimetry of a phase slip in a Josephson junction E. Gümüs, D. Majidi, D. Nikolic, P. Raif, B. Karimi, J. Peltonen, E. Scheer, J. P. Pekola, H. Courtois, W. Belzig, and C. Winkelmann

The "mirage" gap as a signature of triplet superconductivity in an Ising superconductor

S. Patil, G. Tang, and W. Belzig
P06 Influence of Disorder at Insulator-Metal Interface on Spin Transport M. A. Seyed Heydari, W. Belzig, and N. Rohling
P07 Calorimetry of a phase slip in a Josephson junction D. Nikolić, E. Gümüş, D. Majidi, P. Raif, B. Karimi, J. T. Peltonen, E. Scheer, J. P. Pekola, H. Courtois, C. B. Winkelmann, and W. Belzig

Full counting statistics of quantum shot noise in superconducting contacts containing Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states

D. C. Ohnmacht, J.C. Cuevas, and W. Belzig
P09 Light emission in delta-T driven mesoscopic conductors M. Hübler and W. Belzig
P10 Magnon squeezing in conical spin spirals D. Wuhrer, L. Rózsa, U. Nowak, and W. Belzig
P11 Attosecond Electron Microscopy D. Nabben, J. Kuttruff, L. Stolz, A. Ryabov, and P. Baum
P12 A complete POVM description of multi-channel quantum electro-optic sampling with monochromatic field modes E. Hubenschmid, T. L. M. Guedes, and G. Burkard
P13 Ultrastable Femtosecond Frequency Combs for Quantum Measurements S. R. Hutter, A. Seer, T. König, R. Herda, D. Hertzsch, H. Kempf, R. Wilk, and A. Leitenstorfer
P14 Direct sampling of electric-field waveforms emitted by an optical parametric oscillator H. Kempf, F. Breuning, A. Muraviev, K. Vodopyanov, and A. Leitenstorfer

Detection of magnetization fluctuations using the magneto-optical Kerr effect

X. (Mike) Ai, N. Nabben, M. A. Weiss, I. Soldatov, R. Schaefer, and S. T. B.Goennenwein
P16 Investigation of magnetization fluctuations using the anomalous Hall effect N. Nabben, G. Sala, X. (Mike) Ai, M. Weiss, P. Gambardella, and Prof. S. T. B. Gönnenwein
P17 Experimental detectability of spin current shot noise L. Siegl, M. Lammel, A. Kamra, H. Huebl, W. Belzig, and S. T. B. Goennenwein
P18 Thermally excited magnonic transport through temperature steps and interfaces M. Kundu, T. Dannegger, and U. Nowak
P19 Enhanced Skyrmion Diffusion in Skyrmion Lattices D. Schick, M. Weißenhofer, L. Rózsa, and U. Nowak
P20 Emergence of 2D electronic states at FexOy/STO interfaces P. M. Düring, T. Krieg, A. Fuhrberg, P. Rosenberger, Seema, F. Alarab, F. Lechermann, L. Baumgarten, V. N. Strocov, and M. Müller
P21 Magneto-Optical Effects and Domain Imaging in EuO film and EuO/Co Heterostructure Seema, H. Jentgens, P. Rosenberger, and M. Müller
P22 Excited states and dynamics of molecular systems T. Birk, L. Vogelsang, A. Bauer, F. Paschke, V. Enenkel, F. Liu, V. Romankov, J. Dreiser, A. A. Popov, R. Winter, and M. Fonin
P23 Excited states and dynamics of molecular systems at surfaces T. Birk, L. Vogelsang, A. Bauer, F. Paschke, V. Enenkel, F. Liu, V. Romankov, J. Dreiser, A. A. Popov, R. Winter, and M. Fonin

TAT X-Mers – A strategy towards precise star-shaped π-conjugated multi-TATs

L. Vogelsang, and R. F. Winter

Ferrocenyl-TATs – Model systems to probe modification of a molecular switch

L. Vogelsang, T. Birk, M. Fonin, and R. F. Winter
P26 Towards Femtosecond Spectrocopy of Spontaneous Phase Transitions D. Kazenwadel, J. Holder, and P. Baum
P27 Towards femtosecond electron imaging of terahertz electronics M. Mattes, E. Ramachandran, M. Volkov, and P. Baum
P28 Spin dynamics simulations uncover the microscopic origins of magnetic phase transitions in hematite T. Dannegger, A. Deák, L. Rózsa, E. Galindez-Ruales, S. Das, E. Baek, M. Kläui, L. Szunyogh, and U. Nowak
P29 Simulating spin noise in magnetically ordered structures J. Schlegel, T. Dannegger, M. Evers, A. Donges, M. Weiss, T. Kurihara, S. T. B. Goennenwein, and U. Nowak
P30 Ultrafast spin fluctuations and random telegraph noise in antiferromagnetic Sm0.7Er0.3FeO3 M. A. Weiss, A. Herbst, J. Schlegel, T. Dannegger, M. Evers, A. Donges, M. Nakajima, A. Leitenstorfer, S. T. B. Goennenwein, and U. Nowak, and T. Kurihara
P31 Femtosecond nonlinear coherent manipulation of the magnon spectrum in antiferromagnetic Fe2O3 C. Schönfeld, L. Feuerer, A. Baserga, A. Leitenstorfe, and D. Bossini
P32 Internal Coupling in Two-Mode Nanostrings A. A. Barakat, A. T. Le, and E. M. Weig
P33 A phononic frequency comb from a single driven nonlinear nanomechanical mode J. S. Ochs, D. K. J. Boneß, G. Rastelli, M. Seitner, M. Kallergi, W. Belzig, M. I. Dykman, and E. M. Weig
P34 Fluctuations driven coupled oscillators as a quantum simulator L. Bernazzani, and G. Burkard
P35 Symmetry breaking in a parametrically modulated quantum oscillator D. K. J. Boneß, M. I. Dykman, and W. Belzig
P36 Stress tuning of membrane resonators through on-chip heating J. Dornseiff, M. Fu, F. Yang, and E. Scheer
P37 Sideband effects and frequency comb in nonlinear mechanical membrane resonators M. Fu, Fan Yang, and E. Scheer
P38 How to reconstruct the nonlinearity within a system of oscillators J. Bartsch, S. Buchwald, G. Ciaramella and S. Volkwein
P39 How to reconstruct the probability distribution inside an inhomogeneous spin ensemble S. Buchwald, G. Ciaramella, J. Salomon, and D. Sugny
P40 Calibration of models governed by stochastic differential equations using an optimal control framework J. Bartsch, and S. Volkwein
P41 Reciprocal and non-reciprocal relaxation processes in viscoelastic fluids F. Ginot, J. Caspers, L. Reinalter, K. K. Kumar, M. Krüger, C. Bechinger
P42 (Non)linear responses and fluctuations in non-Markovian baths J. Caspers, C. Bechinger, N. Ditz, M. Fuchs, F. Ginot, M. Krüger, K. K. Kumar, and L. F. Reinalter
P43 Optimal Protocols in non-Markovian Systems S. Monter, F. Ginot, S. A. M. Loos, and  C. Bechinger
P44 Feedback controlled particle in non-Markovian system L. F. Reinalter, F. Ginot, and C. Bechinger
P45 Time-dependent forced motion of a colloidal particle in linear response and beyond N. Ditz, and M. Fuchs
P46 Stress correlations in complex fluids M. Bischopinck, N. Grimm, J. Geiger, M. Fuchs, and A. Zumbusch
P47 Vibrational phenomena in glasses at low temperatures captured by field theory of disordered harmonic oscillators F. Vogel, and  M. Fuchs
P48 Imaging of active microrheology of colloidal suspensions near the glass transistion M. Rudolf, T. Ohadi, and A. Zumbusch
P49 Quantum dynamics of dissipative Kerr solitons K. Seibold, R. Rota, F. Minganti, and V. Savona
P50 Stationary phases and dynamic activation in parametrically driven stochastic resonators G. Villa, and O. Zilberberg
P51 Fate of exceptional points in the presence of nonlinearities A. Khedri, D. Horn, and O. Zilberberg
P52 Kerr parametric oscillators as synthetic two-level systems G. Margiani, S. Guerrero Soriano, D. Sabonis, and A. Eichler
P53 Arcsin law of light V. G. Ramesh, K. J. H. Peters, and S. R. L. Rodriguez